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1970 Retro Lures  
2015 was the 60th anniversary of when the late Alex Ingram first designed a sandeel lure that we now know as Red Gill. 
To celebrate this Red Gill Fishing Lures have produced a limited edition classic 1970's Lure. 
The 'Diamond' anniversary lure. 
This lure was one of our most popular ever with it's unique tail and we will be selling this blast from the past here exclusively on our website. 
UPDATE; This lure was produced as a one off special for 2015. 
However these has proved to be so popular we are looking into bringing them back for good! 
Please bear with us while we get these back into production and we will be selling these again soon. 
ESFA Boat Championships 2011 
03 October 2011 
Red Gill were proud to sponsor the European Boat Championships 2011 
Summer Cod Festival In Sweden 
04 July 2013 
Andy Selby and team from Weymouth Angling Centre have just returned from Sweden where Charlotte (Financial Director) won the Summer Cod Festival. The difference was the Red Gill twin turbo lures - they were deadly, she must have caught over 30 cod on the same lure and the only sign of wear and tear were the missing eyes. 
Mega Vibes & Twin Turbo Testing 
24 May 2012 
Good results were had during field testing of the new Red Gill Mega Vibes and Twin Turbos, with plenty of big Cod and Pollock falling to a variety of different colours. 
All fish were taken from deep water wrecks in the English Channel using flying collar and hopper rigs. 
Watch Red Gills in action 
06 March 2012 
Wreck fishing on board the Katie Ann 
Testing Red Gills - Ian Mclean 
08 June 2011 
A lot of reports about lure successes revolve around one or two fishing trips and how well the new ‘toys’ work. We decided that whilst this option was valid, we would take a longer timescale to come to our conclusions. Further more we also concluded that a wider choice of fishing venues would lead to a better and more reliable view. 
Well two years later, the results are becoming clear. 
'Pretty In Pink' 
22 February 2011 
An exclusive story on planetseafishing.com from Alex McDonald on the deadly success of the new 'BubbleGum Pink' Evo Sand Eels. 
Alex McDonald works on the world famous Red Gill brand and is one of a number of anglers charged with putting all new prototypes through their fishing paces. His latest task was to get afloat and tow some frightenly PINK Evo Sandeels past the noses of big West Country pollack. 
Please click the below link for the full story... 
Better 'Gilling' Guide 
07 January 2011 
Better 'Gilling' Guide- A few tips from Steve Souter 
Hints and tips from a renowned angler 
How to fish Red Gills - No.1 Wreck Fishing 
06 January 2011 
The advised line to use for this kind of rig would be a 20-30lb Fluorocarbon, the length from the trace should ideally be 6-12 Feet. Other items pictured above are: Red Gill Evolution Sand Eel, size 1 rolling swivel and 8mm green bead and a Red Gill Nylon Running Boom. Using this rig setup the Red Gill can be worked close to the sea-bed with a reduced risk of snagging and a greater chance of success! 
Red Gill Evolutions Testing 
27 April 2010 
Our testing was carried out by Jim Midgeley and Dave Barham, editor of Boat Fishing Monthly, aboard Arron Lidstones charter boat, 'Happy Days', out of Dartmouth. The test run was extremely successful as you can see from the Pollack pictured. Red Gill Evolutions have a weighted hook and flash-foil underskin for added action and attractability. 
The England Home Internationals 
13 April 2010 
The England Home International Boat Angling squad are delighted to be associated with Red Gill lures for this years Home Internationals to be held at Bellmullet in Ireland on the 21st and 22nd of May 2010. 
The excellent range of lures from Red Gill are sure to give the team the edge over the other competing nations. The eagerly anticipated Red Gill Evolution lures will also be a key asset to the team in the quest for gold. 
The squad: Steve Clements, Perry Dack, Dave Mann, Mike Patten, Richard Russell, Ian McLean and 
Kevin Sampson 
Manager: Ray Ashby 
Cod & Pollack and Bass Selection Packs 
Whats Hot - Boat Fishing Monthly Aug 2011 - Red Gill Evo Cod & Pollack and Bass Selection Packs 
08 September 2011 
Following on the back of the outstanding success of the Red Gill Evos in the last two years, it was a ‘no brainer’ to introduce two carefully selected ranges, in one pack. 
Doing this enables you to try out a selection of colours most suited to the species you are targeting, without having to spend a fortune buying single colours in packs of three or four at a time. Once you have your favourite colours sorted, you can then purchase those colours in individual packs. 
The lures in these packs have been selected because they are known fish catchers. Years of continuous feedback from top anglers, charter skippers and commercial anglers has narrowed the top colours down for each particular species. You get five lures in each selection pack. 
Red Gill Bubblegum Pink Evolution Lures 
Whats Hot - Boat Fishing Monthly Aug 2011 - Red Gill Bubblegum Pink Evolution Lures 
Just why this colour is so popular only the fish know, but is certainly taking the offshore wreck scene by storm. This colour on its own is responsible for a ridiculous amount of big cod and pollack by charter and commercial rod and line boats in the English Channel. 
There is something quite funny about watching hardened commercial fishermen using a ‘girly’ pink lure, but as they say results speak for themselves and this colour definitely gets the results. 
If you’re not familiar with the Evo lures, then among the features are an internally weighted hook and the use of a special plastic compound material, that gives the lures there amazing action, and far outlasts other soft baits on the market today. 
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